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Ted Rhodes Photography

NOTE: Please visit my new website at
for more current information about Ted Rhodes Photography.

Past Shows:

Celebration of Love

Porch selected two of my photos from my "Woman in the Dunes" series to be part of the annual "Celebration of Love" show running from Feb. 2 through Feb. 28, 2015 at Porch, 3823 Santa Claus Lane in Carpinteria. This year's theme is "The Nature of Love."


Jurist John Iwerks selected one of my photos, "Sunrise on the Rincon," for the current, highly competitive show at the Carpinteria Arts Center.
Show runs from January 9 to March 2, 2015.

Carpinteria Arts Center
855 Linden Ave

Hours: 10 AM to 4 PM Thursday through Monday


My Music

For information about my band, The Americana Cats, that plays Americana (and reggae) covers and originals, you can check us out at our Facebook band page.

Interview with David Starkey
I am honored and humbled to be included in this 2014 Creative Community show, hosted by David Starkey, that features interviews with well known local artists Arturo Tello and Meredith Brooks Abbott and me.  Each interview is approximately 20 minutes in length, mine coming last.

The Creative Community Interview

Recent Group Shows:

"Rue de Calvin" @$260 2011 Ted Rhodes

Portals show

Selected by jurist Thomas Van Stein for the recent Portals show at the Carpinteria Valley Arts Center.

Organics at Carp Arts Center

Artist and Jurist Hank Pitcher selected one of my photos, Surface Tension & Sky, for the recemt show Organics at the Carpinteria Arts Center,  and awarded it with an Honorable Mention. 

"Surface Tension & Sky" @$260

"Water Dancer" (South Fork of American River #022) 13x19 $300

Driven to Abstraction at Carp Arts Center

Jurist Rick Stich selected two of my photos for this summer show at the Carpinteria Arts Center.  

"Delta Fund" 19x25 @$650 2013 Ted Rhodes

Wild Bunch of Cool Men at Palm Loft

Two of my photos were in this show that ran in May and June of, 2014.

Put on Your Red Dress Baby (A Touch of Red) 11x14 $300 2013 Ted Rhodes

Earlier Shows:


"Shadows of a Piano Man" @$90 2014 Ted Rhodes

"I'm Here, Baby" @$260 2014 Ted Rhodes

The Carpinteria Arts Center has selected my photograph entitled "Waldon Pond" to promote the upcoming Shadows, Views & Hues show.  The show's jurist, Ruth Ellen Hoag, subsequently chose two other of my images for the show as well.  The show runs from March 1 to April 21, 2014.

The Carpinteria Arts Center & gallery is located at 855 Linden Ave in Carpinteria and is open from 10 AM to 4 PM Thurs through Monday.

2014 Artists Studio Tour Brochure

Love Celebration at Porch

All three of my images created for this year's Love Celebration show at Porch were selected for the juried show in February, 2014. The theme of the show was "XXOO."

"Proof of Love" 2014 Ted Rhodes

"Looking for the Heart of Saturday Night" $260 2014 Ted Rhodes

"Summer Nights" 2014 Ted Rhodes

Ted Rhodes Photography Show at Zookers

Zookers Restaurant hosted my photography show entitled Fresh & Aged from December 16, 2013 to February 16, 2014.   New “fresh” images as well as a number of old favorite “house specials” were exhibited and available for purchase.

Besides featuring a number of my favorite music images, this show also offered up a broad sampling of my travel and photojournalistic work such as a rainy street scene in Sevilla, Spain; outrigger canoes and tiki torches venturing into nighttime surf near San Diego; landscapes reflected in the waters of the American River or off the glass of a Chicago high rise; and a lone hang glider suspended over the Carpinteria Bluffs like a trapeze artist.

"In Wine One Holds the Heart of Another" $120 2012 Ted Rhodes

Bon Appetit at the Arts Center

Two of my photographs also were selected by Jurist Tony Askew for the January/February Carpinteria Arts Center Bon Appetit show at its gallery at 855 Linden Ave in Carpinteriar.  

"Bon Appetit sur l'avenue des Champs-Elysees" @ $120 2013 Ted Rhodes

Download 2013 brochure (PDF)

"Reflections of Florence" 11x14 $300 Copyright 2008 Ted Rhodes

Metamorphosis at 855 at the Art Center

I had a photo, Reflections of Florence, in the recent Metasmorphosis Show at 855 at the Art Center in Carpinteria.  Susan Bush, curator for Sullivan Goss Gallery in Santa Barbara, was the jurist for the show.

The show ran from March 16 to March 6, 2013.  


"Surface Tension and Sky" (Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary) 11x14 $260

Space at 855 at the Arts Center

My photo, Surface Tension & Sky, was part of this show, juried by Jill Sattler.  The show ran from January 11 to March 18, 2013.

"Summer" (Public Gardens Boston #21) 20x32 on canvas $345

Study in Color at 855 at the Arts Center

One of my Mirror Images photos printed on canvas, Fall, was part of a 2012/13 gallery show entitled Study in Color at 855 at the Arts Center in Carpinteria.  Local renowned artist Thomas Van Stein juried the show.  

2012 Ted Rhodes

A Box Set of Blues Photography Show

In the fall of 2012, I mounted a photography show entitled A Box Set of Blues that ran for two months at Vintage Blues in downtown Carpinteria. 

Images of nationally acclaimed blues musicians that I had shot over the past seven years as an official photographer for the Santa Barbara Blues Society were exhibited.   The nonprofit, award winning Santa Barbara Blues Society remains the oldest blues society in the country.

2012 Ted Rhodes


I had a photo entitled "Form & Function" in the CVAC Architecture show at 855 at the Arts Center, juried by late architect Barry Berkus, A.I.A.  


Blues Society Photos:

Muddy Waters veteran John Primer (guitar & vocals) tearing it up at the Carrillo Rec Center on March 24, 2013 with his band: Michael Fell (harmonica), Chris James (guitar), Kurt Kalker (drums), & Patrick Rynn (bass). 

Founded in 1977, the Santa Barbara Blues Society is the oldest blues society in the country.  

For more information on upcoming shows or to view more photos from past shows, visit the Santa Barbara Blues Society's website:

1990 Ted Rhodes

All photographs on this website are copyrighted  2007 Ted Rhodes 
unless noted otherwise.

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